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Pavel - Cabaret Potpouri

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This video contains a varied number of items, any one of which would be a welcome addition to your club or cabaret act. The props are colorful, easy to build, and are showy but pack small. The entire video show could have been carried in a small briefcase. This video contains magic that carries a clear statement of why Pavel was such a popular lecturer at magic conventions. First, he fools you, then you marvel at his clever thinking. Finally, you realize that the item that fooled you is quite easy to perform.

Contents include:

Ring and Ribbon: A large solid ring penetrates onto a ribbon. Then the ring changes color. Finally the ribbon changes color. This effect uses an unusual prop (a clear plastic envelope) and, as with most of Pavel’s magic, it will fool you.

Traveling Hole: This is a most unusual magic trick. The magician displays a thin board containing cutouts of circles and squares. The holes themselves change places on the board. and then the prop is handed out for examination! Quite puzzling and decidedly different from the run-of-the-mill cabaret trick.

Clip a Card: The magician displays a card ribbon (a dozen cards taped end to end) and an ordinary clothespin. The magician brings the pin onto the top of the ribbon and moves downward until a spectator tells him to stop. The pin is clipped onto the card at that point. Let’s say the card was the Seven of Clubs. The magician then takes his prediction jumbo card out of his pocket – the Seven of Clubs – to prove he had predicted the outcome. For further proof, he turns the ribbon around. The selected card is the only red-backed card in the blue-backed ribbon!

Card in the Air: This is a selected signed card in balloon that uses no special equipment and virtually no sleight of hand other than the ability to control a selected card. Card in the Air features a totally original method.

Rings Transposition: A blue ring is tied onto a red rope; a red ring is tied onto a blue rope. The rings change places visibly. Essential Pavel.

Devil’s Rope: This is a further development of the Yellow Rope Trick featured on Pavel’s Cabaret Ropes video. A five colored rope is threaded through a clear plastic tube. Five knots appear on the rope. They are untied but just as suddenly reappear.

Blendo Full of Holes: In the first part of this routine, knots tied onto two different colored silks fall off the silks onto the floor, leaving large holes in the silks. This effect is being used by a lot of professionals today. In the second phase, the silks are placed into an empty silver tube where they turn into a large multi-holed blendo silk. The tube has a built-in running gag and is easy to build.

Silks and Rings: A red silk is tied onto a red ring, and a yellow silk is tied onto a yellow ring. The rings change places. The method will kill you.

Rings On Ropes: The magician displays a length of rope onto which are clipped six clothespins. The magician also introduces three red rings and three yellow rings (shown both sides). The rings are now clipped onto the rope in this sequence: red, red, red, yellow, yellow, yellow. A shake of the rope and the rings are now in alternating sequence.

Seven Sided Cube: A large die (actually, a square cardboard block whose sides are numbered one to six) and a square cylinder are the props for this puzzler. When the cube is allowed to slide through the cylinder, the cube jumps around inside and comes out in another position, although there is obviously no room for the cube to move. The magician explains his secret. The cube has seven sides! He shows that this is indeed the case and then hands the block out for examination!

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