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Ken Krenzel - Ken Krenzel Up Close

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Dr. Ken Krenzel, New York psychologist, is known for innovation in the field of card magic. Indeed, his first book, The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, written and published by Harry Lorayne, has itself become a classic, and recent offerings have all become best sellers.

Many magicians do not know, however, that Ken has brought his unique inventive approach to the field of coin magic, and has devised some totally new concepts in this popular field of the art. This video is full of novel ideas on moves and routines, and if you perform any coin magic at all, you will love this video.

Contents include:

Bewildering Coin Vanish: This is a very clean coin vanish and a compelling illusion.

Versatile Krenzel Vanish: A coin is placed in the left hand, a pen is pushed through the hand, and then the coin is gone. This one can be performed in your birthday suit.

The Balducci Extraction: A closely guarded secret of the late Ed Balducci, one of Ken’s mentors, is this exceptionally effective coin vanish.

New Concept Coin Vanish: This fooled me when I first saw it in person, and again when I saw it on video!

Dropsey Vanish: Another one of those moves that you must see to appreciate. One coin is dropped into the other hand and then is gone. You see the coin falling into the receiving hand! A great illusion.

The Bloodhound Coin: A card is chosen and replaced in the deck. The deck is set on the table, and a coin held by the spectator (and impregnated with her scent) is placed on top of the deck. The coin vanishes and is found halfway down the deck, just above the selected card! For the repeat effect, the coin is tossed into the air and falls into the deck above the selection! The explanation includes Ken’s beautiful handling of the Bluff Pass, the most economical card control ever devised.

Krenzel Card Turnover: The Dingle-Schneider pickup move is known to all close-up magicians who have ever performed a matrix routine. Krenzel has improved on the pickup move, making it even more deceptive.

On The Ledge: Another classic effect is that of producing coins from between playing cards. This effect now becomes easier to execute using Ken’s new “ledge” concept.

Deck Slider: Wow! A coin on the deck slides off into the other hand and vanishes. It’s another Krenzel eye-popper and a very visual illusion.

The Krenzel Linking Ring Move: A unique interlude with two solid rings from a linking ring set, where you seemingly push one ring right through the other.

The Marionette Multiple Coin Vanish: This move has generated much talk among the experts since it was first published in the April 1978 issue of Apocalypse. See it performed and explained by its inventor.

Impromptu Zig Zag: A very clever, and very deceptive card transposition routine.

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