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Flip - Flip's Joker Routine

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Flip’s Joker Routine is a one-card control with 19 basic effects and represents over 20 years of Flip’s work with cards.

This is a very unusual Flip video as he is not presenting rope, ring or paper mysteries (for which he is famous) but is entirely devoted to cards. You will be surprised and amazed at some of the card chicanery he demonstrates and explains.

The video opens with a close-up routine in which the spectator shuffles a deck and fails to find the Joker. It shows up magically and then vanishes and reappears. Some of the changes are visible and are designed to amaze and bewilder your average spectator.

The routine, while somewhat lengthy, embraces a number of clean, clever moves which will appeal to many card workers. The explanations are thorough, typical of the teaching ability demonstrated on all Flip tapes. The close-up videography is good and moves easy to follow. In addition to triple lifts and changes, there are many quite unusual sleights that are effective and well worth the practice they require.

There’s a Swivel Glide that has many uses. You will also learn an effective flourish that causes the Joker to pop into view on the edge of the deck – on top, in the middle, or on the bottom. With arms folded, while holding the deck, a selected card rises. A crumpled Joker is magically restored as new. The Joker vanishes and turns up, later, in a previously empty card case, then card and case vanish.

With this video and a deck of cards, you will have a most enjoyable lesson and experience.

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