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Lasting Impressions - Aldo Colombini (Vol. 1)


Mamma mia! Now that's magic!

Aldo Colombini's philosophy regarding his award-winning magic is best summed up in his own words: "The manner in which I approach magic, as well as the goal I try to achieve in the magic I create, can be expressed simply as follows - magic that is direct, easy and commercial. I don't know any other way of presenting this fascinating art."

You'll have a front row seat as Aldo first charms and fools you and then takes you behind the scenes and delights you as he shares the devilishly simply yet powerful methods behind his magic. Magic with cards ... ropes ... coins ... the cups and balls ... even balloon animals ... are all presented with the Colombini touch. You'll find magic suitable for close-up, stand-up and even children's performers.

It's magic that you'll love to do and, more importantly ... it's magic your audiences will love to watch.

Contents on Volume 1 include:

Prediction - A comedy prediction that's the perfect ice breaker.

Point of No Return - An amazing prediction of a freely-selected card.

Ace High - The spectator cuts to the Aces.

Easy Going - The easiest Cards to Pocket (or anywhere!)

Seventh Floor - A reputation-making seven-card revelation. A complete act in itself!

Coin Wrap - A comedy of errors with coins changing from hand to hand and a final card revelation.

Pre-Deck-Ability - The most amazing card routine ever. Fantastic predictions with a standing ovation climax.

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