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Vernon, Ouellet, Ammar & Freeman - 4 Stars Live


For the taping of the Dai Vernon Revelations series, a number of effects required a live audience. A lay audience was assembled in the television studio and the Professor performed the Linking Rings and the Three Card Monte for the cameras. Then, Michael Ammar, Steve Freeman, and Gary Ouellet performed a number of live effects.

Gary Ouellet performs Lips, The Silver Passage, The Two Goblets, and The Homing Ring as well as his Super Shells routine.

Michael Ammar performs Vernon’s Travelers, his Visible Expansion of Texture (which helped him win FISM), and his famous Card on Ceiling. Michael’s version of the Ambitious Card, which he calls The Yeast Card, is a very inventive approach to a classic effect. Michael also performs his famous personal handling of Derek Dingle’s Rollover Aces. Finally, Michael does his One Cup and Ball routine using an empty sausage can where, for the finale, the sausage can becomes solid and filled with the real product.

Although most magicians are familiar with the name of Steve Freeman as he is recognized by his peers as one of the finest card magicians in the world today, many have not had the opportunity to see Steve work. Steve performs Vernon’s Slow-Motion Four Aces, plus a number of his own effects.

Please note that there are no explanations in this video presentation. However, for an hour of enjoyable close-up magic by some of the foremost masters of the art, you will find 4 Stars Live a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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