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Paul Diamond Vol. 01 - Reel Magic


Most magicians know Paul Diamond as a dealer and demonstrator of tricks with coins and canes. This video (and the others in the series) will allow you to view the wide scope of Paul’s expertise and knowledge.

If you don’t own a reel for magical purposes, you will after viewing the amazing results achieved with such ease. You’ll see a knot visibly appear in a silk, using one or two hands. The correct handling of the Serpent Silk routine will more than likely show you how you’ve been doing it wrong. A ring can be thrown onto a “ends held” rope or tossed off with ease. And, everything is accomplished without sleights.

Moves are repeatedly demonstrated so you thoroughly understand them. These are real lessons in reel handling. You will also learn many tips such as how to make a nylon line invisible, how to achieve complete control sans lock or clip, and correct reel maintenance. This is very valuable advice for any working magician.

Packed with dozens of ideas, this video is highly recommended for any magicians who use, or are considering using, a reel in their magic.

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