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Paul Diamond Vol. 02 - Who's Coin Box / Magnetic Copper/Silver

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Table workers will find this video to be one of special interest as it outlines so much information about Okito-type coin boxes and the many presentations possible.

The video opens with a brief history of the box and the general presentation. This is followed with demonstrations of many lid replacements plus the use of the post coin.

“Who’s Coin Box” is demonstrated to prove how it actually accomplishes what four coin boxes achieve. There is a transposition with the aid of two tea cups during which coins travel from one to the other. Also, coins in a handkerchief-wrapped box penetrate both. Many clever loading moves are shown and each carefully explained.

Magnetic Copper/Silver offers a segment devoted to magnetic coins and a chat about magnetism with tips on re-magnetizing and also proper handling. Routines and information are offered that have never been supplied with dealer instructions.

Ultimate Copper/Silver includes changes, transpositions, and a penetration from one tumbler to another, as well as the clean penetration through a playing card in full view.

The popular Scotch and Soda is fully explained, along with the trick’s origin.

The concluding effect with the coin passing through a table top and falling into a spectator’s hand makes this the most explicit lesson in magnetic and coin box handling ever seen.

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