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Paul Diamond Vol. 03 - Mr. Humble

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Close-up workers will find this video to be an excellent collection of sure-fire material using cards, coins, and bills. Described in the typical, straight-forward Diamond fashion without slick, cute and “up-to-the-minute” cleverness (which Mr. Diamond constantly refers to as “all that garbage”), you’re sure to find a use for most of the material explained.

Starting out with Chink-a-Chink using plastic bottle caps, Paul shows how this is easily done with anything and without a lot of fancy grips, gimmicks and palming. A good lesson!

A no-palm Card to Wallet is next and when you see it, you’ll want to quickly add it to your quick trick collection. Here, a card bearing the spectator’s signature is buried in the deck. A second card is placed in the wallet. The deck is spread and the second card shows up. The spectator opens the wallet and finds the first signed card. No palming, no holders, no slits...and oh, so simple!

An impromptu Rising Card is performed. Using and envelope as a simple houlette-like holder, suspended on a pencil, the wrong card rises then sinks back and the correct card rises. A very cute notion.

Salt poured into the fist passes into the other hand in the usual effect but then, both hands start producing salt and pouring it into a large bowl. A very clean routine without resorting to table or body loads.

Diamond Aces is a fine, effective routine that Paul presents on many occasions. Here he explains every move and his simply acquired sleights.

Expanding Bill is about the simplest visible and easiest giant bill production you’ll ever see.

Next is a simple turnover move for Okito Box fans. No need to swing right or left – it will be found ideal for those working in a limited space.

Thumb Tips are the next topic. Paul repeatedly shows his hand empty without the customary hand washing. When Paul reveals that he’s been using a black thumb tip, you will no longer worry about your tip having a slight scratch. You will also learn the right and wrong handling of placing lighted cigarettes in a borrowed handkerchief.

The Bill Switch is a popular effect today when a borrowed bill changes into a higher denomination such as a one hundred dollar bill. Paul says to forget those close clipped folds and finger twiddling. Just fold and unfold a bill and the miracle has happened.

Ring and Spring, an ancient parlor novelty, gets additional treatment and twists to fool the knowing ones. This is the first time a move has been revealed that will completely puzzle the fellow who knows how it is done. A very good routine!

The final effect on the video is the visible change of a penny to a giant penny with two methods supplied.

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