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Paul Diamond Vol. 04 - Hardcore #1

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On this video, Paul offers another bundle of varied magic including tricks with cards, canes and mentalism via telephone.

Andy’s Favorite Card is the starter and it is an amusing bit of business when the wrong card is turned up. But, before they can tell you it’s wrong, the correct card is staring them in the face, clipped to the back of your hand!

Impeccable Prediction is a miracle effect. You toss three cards face down on the table. The spectator pushes any three cards from a face-up spread and selects any one of your tossed-out cards. It matches his selection. This is repeated with the other two cards.

Mental Time is the cleverest of the many versions of giving the correct time anywhere at any time without looking at a watch or clock. This is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a great idea for mentalists or wag like Paul who wears a wrist band sans watch.

There is a mental card trick doen over the telephone, a twitching toothpick that is very amusing, and a puzzling and entertaining routine called A New Year’s Trick wherein two spectators blast noisemakers resulting in two selected cards turning up at the same time.

Fanning Powder and Manipulation Cards are discussed next. Paul passes along a number of tips and talks about the pre-fanning powder methods of preparing cards for fanning and manipulation. He reveals a system, little known today, that certainly will make any deck soft, supple, and unbelievably responsive to manipulative work. Like all good things, there is a hitch – time! To prepare cards using this proven method requires a great deal of time but if you have the time and patience, you will end up with the most flexible deck you have ever owned.

The video concludes with Vanishing Cane information, a Diamond specialty that must be seen to be appreciated. His many years of experience demonstrating and producing canes, metal and plastic, enable him to pass along practical advice that should be heeded by all who use canes in their act. Color changes and silk production are explained in great detail with many valuable tips on the proper care and handling, loading, releasing and presentation. There is advice on cleaning canes, the proper lubrication, and even how to strengthen a weak cane.

This video is packed with a lot of practical information and one that cane workers should definitely add to their library.

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