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Paul Diamond Vol. 05 - Hardcore #2


This video presents a collection of coin and card effects that will appeal to the close-up worker. The ideas may not be new but there are Paul Diamond touches that make them either more effective, simpler, or novel.

For instance, the Flying Eagles is almost standard coin fare but Paul has such a simple routine that creates a very magical effect. Six silver coins and a washer are used to demonstrate the Han Ping Chien effect with the simplest of sleights that are clearly shown by the many different camera angles. The ultra close-up of the penny that changes to a washer is video at its best!

Two methods are given to cause the transposition of a silver dollar and a penny. Neat and effective.

There is a particularly clean vanish of a coin resting on the fingertip inserted in the fist, then both hands shown empty.

In a segment entitled Something Different with Safety Pins, you will see the famous Piff Paff Poof trick of Gene Gordon’s with a sucker finish that will baffle many of the boys when they discover that they cannot possibly separate the pins.

False Shuffles are next with an extremely simply one and a good False Cut that is bold but deceptive.

The Paul Diamond Sloppy Shuffle is what the name implies. Cards fall and spill everywhere. A lot of funny business that has to be seen to appreciate its effectiveness. Some audiences will shudder but if you when and where to use it, this may prove the comedy hit of your act.

The video ends with a three card prediction that is, in reality, a gag, but if you know Paul’s work, anything can happen. He might even predict the right card!

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