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Paul Diamond Vol. 06 - Close-Up #1


Paul Diamond keeps up the good work in this assortment of trickery that involves cards, coins and a human volcano, when he teaches you how to belch smoke like an overworked chimney.

Beggar Coins, the Hank Moorehouse effective table routine, is presented most entertainingly with very simple handling. It finishes with the reverse assembly making a fine smooth ending to a most magical effect.

How About That is a red and blue deck routine plus the Mel Allen story of how it got its name. Good magic with cards.

Card Spinning and Scaling is child's play to Paul and it will be to you once you learn the simple method and get yourself the helpful gimmick which will prove a beginner's aid. 38 Special is the familiar deck in gun formation that fires the chosen card in the air. Paul's moves are different, even easier than some used to create this amusing effect.

Smoke from the Mouth will probably prove to be the most popular item on the video. I have seen Paul present this dozens of times and it is always a crowd pleaser. The smoke pours forth in a seeming endless amount. Even drinking a glass of water doesn't hinder this human volcano. Reading it, you won't believe it, but seeing it demonstrated, up close, you can't fail to appreciate how simple and effective it can be.

Throw Away Coin Vanish is simple in effect. A coin is pushed into the fist and the hand is opened, fingers wide apart and both hands shown empty. Nice and easy.

Next, Paul revives an ancient vanish seldom done today. When you see the possibilities, you will probably start doing it immediately. A borrowed coin is placed in the center of a handkerchief, the corners folded over. No steals, no pulls, no sleights. Slowly, the handkerchief is raised and the coin has vanished. The handkerchief is shown on both sides and the magician's hands are empty.

The final offering is titled Draw Poker Switch. Even though your opponent knows the cards you hold and he feels he has a better hand, you not only win but your hand will astound him.

This is a video full of first rate practical material that should appeal to most close-up workers.

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