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The David Roth Lecture

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In March of 1995, David Roth lectured at Mark Leveridge’s British Close-Up Magic Symposium and now, the highlights of this outstanding lecture by one of magic’s legendary artists is available on video.

Here’s what you’ll see, and learn, in this exceptional lecture experience:

Sawa’s Bank Night – Copper coins are dropped into a cup, yet when they’re poured out, they’ve changed into silver coins. David Roth has streamlined the handling of this classic and made it much easier to do.

Wild Coin – Silver coins change to copper coins and then back to silver right at the performer’s fingertips! This is one of the routines that cemented David Roth’s reputation in the world of magic and it’s never been performed better or explained in greater detail.

Stonehenge Coin Assembly – Guaranteed to fool magicians and absolutely slay a lay audience, this routine is unlike any other Matrix-like effect. Combined with a stunning kicker ending, it’s a piece of material that, once learned, you’ll perform for the rest of your life.

The Inside Out Bottle – David Roth has added an ending to the Coin in Bottle that must be seen to be believed. After passing a half-dollar into a bottle, he extracts it by turning the bottle inside out. This assertion is proven by showing that the bottle, once ordinary, now has the label on the inside! This used to be an exclusive item that David would sell at premium prices at lectures. On this DVD, you’ll learn all of the work, including how to make this marvelous prop yourself.

In addition to these showcase routines, you’ll also learn indispensable advice on the Classic Palm, coin magic’s most invaluable sleight, as only a teacher of David Roth’s caliber can impart. David also passes along valuable guidance on the use of a magic wand, including substitutes for a wand, important insights on the Retention Vanish, and so much more!

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