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Dual Control - Alan Alan


Perform powerful magic…anywhere…anytime…and with anything!

The ability to pick up just about any ordinary object and do something amazing with it can be literally at your fingertips! Imagine taking any small object…a pencil, pen or spoon…and have it cling to your hands like it was held there by a powerful magnet. On your command, the object drops…and your hands are perfectly clean and able to stand up to the most rigorous inspection.

Borrow a deck of cards and have a selected card rise out of the card case. Once again, everything is perfectly examinable. After all, the cards were borrowed!

Perform the classic Animated Matchbox effect with any ordinary matchbox and hand it out for immediate examination.

All of these miracles…and many more…are all made possible by the Dual Control system. What is Dual Control? It’s a powerful and time-tested apparatus that’s simple to assemble with easily-obtainable materials. What’s more, it’s totally invisible when not in use and virtually undetectable when it is. It’s easy to deploy and just as simple to ring out of play. Your spectators will only be left with one conclusion – it’s magic!

British magician Alan Alan is the master of the Dual Control system and in this instructional video, you’ll discover all of the possibilities of Dual Control. First you’ll see all of the amazing effects that it can accomplish as Alan Alan ably demonstrates each one, including a handling created by Fred Kaps. Then, you’ll learn the amazing secret behind it all as he, along with magic legend Patrick Page, teach you how to assemble your own Dual Control system. Suitable for performance in all venues – stage, parlor, and even the street – Dual Control is really an ideal – and  practical – way of creating on-the-spot miracles.

How much would you pay for the ability to create compelling and baffling magic every place you go? Chances are that your magic drawers are stuffed with gadgets that you paid outrageous prices for that don’t have a tenth of the power, versatility and ease-of-use that the Dual Control system has.

Mark our words: if you don’t know about Dual Control, someone is guaranteed to fool you with it.

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