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Jim Swain's Miracle Moves - James Swain

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On this video, card expert James Swain gives you personal instruction on some of card magic's most impressive, difficult and magical sleights, maneuvers, and moves.

You'll learn the following:

Swain Miracle Change

Ace Production

Pressure Fan

Hustler's Second Deal

Push-Off Second Deal

Hustler's False Shuffle

Swain False Table Cut

Thompson-Conover False Cut

Thompson-Conover Double Undercut

Swain In-The-Hands Running False Cut

Dribble Pass

Pass Palm


Riffle Force

Swain Turnover Pass

The Malone-Swain Palm/Pass

Notis Cascade

Swain One-Handed Cut

Whether you are a seasoned card magician looking to broaden your resources of moves or relatively new to card magic and looking for a resource on a great foundation of card work, you will find well-taught moves on this video which you will practice...and use!

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