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Close-Up Troublewit - Patrick Page

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On this video, Patrick Page demonstrates and teaches Troublewit, a trick that all of us have seen in the magic catalogs but few actually perform.

Troublewit really isn’t magic but is rather more of a variety arts skill demonstration, analogous to balloon twisting or juggling. For those unfamiliar with it, Troublewit is a pleated piece of coated paper which can be folded and manipulated into a number of different figures and shapes. As with balloon sculptures, some of the figures do require a bit of imagination stretching on the part of the spectators, but when properly presented, always results in great amusement.

On this video, Patrick Page demonstrates the various ways the paper can be manipulated and it soon becomes apparent that this is precisely the type of instruction that video is perfect for. What makes this entire thing of special interest to table workers is that the prop that Patrick Page uses in this video is scaled down to a size suitable for walk-around presentation.

Troublewit isn’t for everyone. In fact, in the wrong hands, a demonstration would cause spectators to go screaming for the nearest exit. In capable hands, however, it’s a unique skill that hardly anyone in your audience is likely to have ever seen. If that interests you, this video is the only way to go.

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