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The Vernon Chronicles Video - Vol. 2

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Join Bruce Cervon and James Patton on an unprecedented tour through the timeless masterpieces of Dai Vernon. Here are the techniques Dai Vernon used to establish his world-wide reputation. Now you too can watch and learn from this visual book about the creations of the most celebrated, most acclaimed magician the world has ever seen.

Among the professor’s honors are the first Academy of Magical Arts Master’s Fellowship, the Sphinx Award, the CMI Order of Magic Lamp, the SAM Hall of Fame and the Fred Kaps Award. Dai Vernon is unquestionably the Edison of magic, creating and defining the state of our art.

Here is history! Here is genius! Here is magic you will be able to do easily!

Volume 2 contains the following reputation-making effects, sleights, techniques and routines directly from the professor’s repertoire:

The Tale of the Treasury Worm; The Loving Couple; Out of Uniform; Why Am I Here?; Affinities; Driven to the Depths; Aces by Proxy; Christ's Vanish for the Collins Ace Trick; Spell Detector; The Christ Aces; False Finger Theory; Depth Illusion; Triple Turnover; DV Curry Turnover Substitute; Turn Around Peek; Hofzinser Cull; Bottom Deal Switch; Gambler's Bottom Cop; Vernon Card Show; Buckle Count; Le Temps Switch; DV Cull; "Knife" Force; Henry Christ Reverse II; Dribble Force; The Ace Assembly

Bruce Cervon, the world-famous award-winning performer who wrote Dai Vernon: A Magical Life and whose “Castle Notes” were used by Stephen Minch to write the first three volumes of The Vernon Chronicles, clearly demonstrates Dai’s thinking. Bruce was one of the Professor’s closest friends and confidantes, gathering and guarding Dai’s fabulous secrets for over forty-five years! He is the Dai Vernon expert.

As a fascinating interlude between effects, you’ll be enthralled by rare photographs from Dai Vernon’s personal archives. (Please note that Mr. Vernon does not appear on this video.)

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