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The Magic of Trevor Lewis

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Magic that’s performer-tested and audience-approved!

Widely considered to be one of magic’s most talented general practitioners, Trevor Lewis has created innovative effects for every area of conjuring, including close-up, stage, platform and even children’s shows. This lecture, taped live at Mark Leveridge’s 3rd British Close-Up Magic Symposium, captures Trevor Lewis in his natural element – performing and explaining some of his most clever inventions.

No matter what kind of magic you enjoy performing, spend some time with Trevor Lewis and you’ll discover what his lecture audience did – there’s something useful here for every magician and entertaining, commercial magic for every audience.

Trevor’s Opening – Not magic but a magical icebreaker that establishes an immediate and comedic rapport with the audience.

Arm Gag – Another amusing bit of business guaranteed to get a visceral reaction from even the most jaded audience.

Tap Top – A magical sight gag that enables the performer to produce water from his closed fist simply by putting a faucet top on his thumb and turning it!

Cigarette Prediction – A number, freely selected by an audience member, exactly matches the number of strung-together cigarettes in a pack. This innovative principle is adaptable for non-smoking audiences.

Broken and Restored Glasses – The performer accidentally pops one of the lenses out of the frame from a spectator’s borrowed pair of glasses. All is made right again when the performer vanishes the lens and it’s found – safe and sound – back in the frame.

Card On Tie – A card is merely thought of by a spectator from those depicted on a necktie. A deck is produced and the performer shows that the thought-of card is the only one with an odd-colored back. A diabolical use of a classic principle!

Paper-Clipped Card – A selected card is magically found by a paper clip while the deck is cased. An easy and astounding miracle that you’ll do!

Trevor’s Card Force – A simple and deceptive force that you’ll want to add to your arsenal of sleights.

Second Dealing – One of magic’s most difficult and illusive sleights, broken down into easy-to-master steps. Put some practice time in and you’ll be dealing seconds in no time.

Trevor’s Ace Location Routine – The four Aces are each found in the pack at a location determined by a spectator rolling invisible dice! If you already do a Second Deal, you’ll want to perform this right away. If you don’t, you’ll want to learn just to do this trick!

One-At-A-Time Ace Assembly with Kicker – The classic Ace assembly with a difference. The Aces arrive one at a time, visibly, in the leader packet. At the end, however, rather than the last Ace traveling, the other three vanish and reappear with their companion in classic O’Henry fashion.

Coin Matrix – An easy and effective approach to the classic coin assembly plot using four coins but just two cards. Several time-tested techniques are combined to create a mystifying yet easy-to-do illusion.

Egg Bag Routine – An egg appears and vanishes from a small cloth bag under increasingly impossible conditions. At the effect’s climax, a jumbo egg is produced. This routine with the Malini-style egg bag is wonderfully effective for all audiences in almost any working condition.

Chop Cup – The classic one-cup-and-ball routine becomes an interactive magical experience, complete with a final load that will elicit screams from your audience. There’s also valuable advice for table-hoppers on how to generate interest from other tables.

Razor Blades – A number of razor blades are magically strung on a length of thread but not before some humorous by-play with a spectator. It packs small – and plays very funny!

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