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How to Swim with the Card Sharks Vol. 2 - Simon Lovell


Con men, cheats, and hustlers are more common than ever. How does one survive in such a shark-infested society? By making yourself wise! Detailed on these videos is the information you need to make yourself Shark-Proof! Each scam, move, con, and bit is performed, and then carefully revealed and explained, teaching you exactly how every item is accomplished. The next time you hear “I'll betcha...” or “Five'll getcha ten” (or . . . when the Sharks say “Let us prey...”), you'll know they won't be chumming the waters with your blood! The list of the contents of these videos is like a greatest hits list of the most valuable and effective scams and cheats of all time!

Volume 2

The Late Turn — (The oldest magic trick in the world making your opponent the mug in one of the silliest games of them all)

Card Stacking — Pick up stack. Dealing a winning poker hand.

The Riffle Shuffle & Stack

The Fluke — Cheating (Bridge & Solo)

The Proposition Man — Examples ofhow the odds are not as fair as it seems. Beware!

Marking Cards — Waving • Edge Marking • Punched Cards • Riffle Test (nicknamed “Going to the Movies)

The Drunken Paw — An enlightened example of how easy it is to lose money in the bar

The Check Switch — Have your blank checks ready . . . to cover all banks. How to use the “tear up check” switch to your advantage

Best Hand Forward & The Lollapalooza — Working with a partner • The Double Drop (how to pick the best five cards out of eight) • The Lollapalooza (a sad case of knowing the local rules)

The Take Switch & Double Drop — An example using Three Card Brag

The Magical Second Deal (A Card trick to baffle all)

Find the Lady — Simon presents “Three Card Monte” with step-by-step moves being revealed. Watch closely—Simon's fast on the draw!

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