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21st Century Card Magic


This, James Swain's last book for magicians, has some phenomenal magic inside. Work by Bill Malone (a great and easy pass), as well as loads of beautiful gambling-themed routines. You'll find stunningly effective simple card routines. Improve your sleight-of-hand card skills immediately and with ease. Thorough instructions with photo illustrated explanations to learn.
Bill Malone says, "This book is a perfect way to start off the new century. I have tried many of these routines in front of real people and can attest to their greatness. This book has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished sleight of hand magician...There are so many routines in this book worth performing that I do not have time to mention them all...It is a well known saying, if you can find one trick in a book that you can actually use than you've gotten your money's worth. Well, with this book, you will get your money's worth over and over again."

156 pages, photo-illustrated.

Introduction by Bill Malone
Tongue in Cheek
Ice Breaker
A Tribute to Dunninger
The 21 Card Trick
Tale of Titanic Thompson
Psychic Poker
Bill Malone's "Cut Em High and Tie"
Birds of a Feather
Diving Rod
Equivocally Triumphant
The Miracle Deck
The Last Good Trick
The Four Robbers
21st Century Assembly
Gymnastic Aces (Del Ray)
Too Many Jokers
Look Away Force
Steve Bedwell Control Variation
Card Warp Display
Unloading a Card
Peek, Stop, Touch
2 Full-Deck Controls
The Dummy Force
The Dummy Pass
The Dummy Fan Force
Mike Skinner's Placement Principle:
Count on It (Paul Cummins)
Persi's Collectors (Persi Diaconis)
I Am In Debt (Fred Kaps)
Instant Aces (Larry Jennings)
Shipwrecked (Daryl, Bill Malone)
Quick D-Way
Royal Aces (Ron Ferris)
1002nd Aces (Alex Elmsley)
Sympathetic Thirteen (Nate Leipsig)
Poker Interchange Redux
Center Deal Demo/The Muck
Just Lucky Eight Card Stack
21st Century Magician vs. Gambler
Larry Jennings' Famous Chop Cup Routine